Silicone Spatula - Heat Resistant for Cooking

Los Angeles

Silicone Spatula, Heat Resistant for Cooking, Baking and Mixing

Our spatula with big handle is designed to blend dry or wet ingredients and very useful for scarping the mixtures on sides of your bowls. It is in red color. These are perfect for mixing cake dough, preparing omelets, scooping and folding batter and much more. It makes contents easier. It prevents drips from running down the side of bowls and onto counters and tables. It fits virtually any bowl. It is easy to use, comfortable, and non-slip grip. This is completely safe for use on non-stick surfaces they are stain resistant, as well as heat resistant. Its silicon blade won't stain, melt, lose shape or retain odor. Their non-absorbent surface ensures even spread and mixing of oil, butter or sauces and flexible blade makes removing food quite easy. Each package contains one spatula. This spatula has a plastic handle for a steady grip. Use this flexible Silicone spatula with heat resistant features and has comfortable handle to hold. Dimensions (l*b): 28cm*5.5cm

  • QUICK CLEANUP - The Silicone Spatula are dishwasher safe and resist stains and odor, making post-meal cleaning easier than ever.
  • SUPERIOR BLADE FLEXIBILITY - These spatulas have flexible, yet durable blades, so you can scrape, scoop, flip, and fold like a professional chef. The handle portion has an embedded steel core and does not flex
  • NON-STICK - The spatulas are made of smooth, non-stick silicone, and they are safe to use with all types of non-stick cookware cast iron,and will not scratch your coated pots and pans
  • HYGIENIC - One-piece Spatulas, no place for bacteria to gather or hide, no crevices for food to linge
  • HIGH HEAT 600ºF PRO-GRADE SILICONE - Our BPA Free and FDA Approved Silicone is Safe for high-heat cooking, We use these spatulas ourselves and want the best for our family and yours
  • Built to last and withstand temperature up to 230 degree C.
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Perfect for a range of cooking and baking tasks including scrambling eggs, mixing cake batter, folding egg whites and stir frying
  • Made from good quality silicone material, non-stick, reusable, dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, TSE/BSE free