Imapure™ - Platinum Cured Silicone Tube for Regulatory Market

Imapure™ is Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing designed for peristaltic pump and fluid transfer in Pharmaceutical and Biotech applications. Imapure™ is translucent silicone tubing known for its ultra smooth bore to prevent any particle entrapment. It is especially designed to comply with requirements of critical Food and Pharmaceutical standards of regulatory markets.



Imatech™ - Platinum Cured Silicone Tube for Non-Regulatory Market

Imatech™ is Platinum Grade silicone Tubing designed for General purpose Applications in food and pharmaceutical industries. Imatech™ is smooth bore tubing compare to peroxide grade tubing which reduces risk of particle Entrapment during transfer of fluid. Imatech™ meets with Non regulatory market requirements.


Imaprene™ - Thermoplastic Elastomer Tube (TPE)

Imaprene™ Pharmaceutical Grade thermoplastic elastomer tubing designed for transfer of Corrosive solvents transfer. Imaprene™ is opaque tubing especially known for its excellent flexibility and flex crack resistance.


Viton® Tube

Imachemton™ - Fluoro Elastomer Tube (FKM)

Imachemton™ is fluoropolymer tubing (popularly known as Viton® tubing) especially designed for highly corrosive chemicals and solvents used in pharmaceutical industries. It is manufactured in dedicated controlled environment to comply critical food and pharma grade standards.


Heat Sealable & Wealdable Tube

Imaweld® - Heat Sealable & Weldable Tube

Imaweld®is Thermoplastic Elastomer opaque Tubing designed for fluid transfer in Pharmaceutical and Biotech applications. Imaweld®is specially formulated which meets requirement of pharmaceutical industries with superiority compare to PVC and Silicone.


Imapex™ - Peroxide Cure Silicone Tube

Imapex™ Peroxide Grade silicone Tubing is designed for General, non critical applications. Imapex™ is translucent silicone tubing having good flexibility and resiliency. It is suitable for peristaltic pump applications for non critical fluid transfer.